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Land parcel 07-2, Project Zhaode

(shhqcbd.gov.cn) Updated: 2016-03-31

The Zhaode project is situated at land parcel 07-2 in phase 1 of the core area. It connects Shenhong Road, Yonghong Road and Shenchang Road. 

It's only 200 meters away from Hongqiao hub terminal and is next to the administrative committee of the Shanghai Hongqiao CBD.



It covers a total area of 15,461 square meters and a construction area of 104,302 sq m. Among the constructions area, the underground area takes up 43,995 sq m and the ground area is 60,377 sq m. The project consists of commercial buildings, parking lots, a hotel, high-end apartments (Hyatt Place and Hyatt House) and office buildings.    


The project will be undertaken by Shanghai Zhaode Real Estate Co. As a modern enterprise mainly for the real estate development, asset management and investment, the company received joint investment of Jincheng Group and Hong Kong Qiaode Co in 2012.    

In addition, the project will be planned and designed by US WATG Design Company, a well-known designer of resorts and luxury hotels.