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Land parcel 05, Longfor Hongqiao Tianjie

(shhqcbd.gov.cn) Updated: 2016-03-31

The Longfor Hongqiao Tianjie (“Paradise Walk”) project is being developed by Chinese real estate company Longfor Group. It is located in land parcel 05 of the core area of Hongqiao CBD and is divided into two parts. 

It covers a total area of 78,700 square meters and a planning construction area of 435,000 sq m. Among the construction area, the ground area takes up 251,300 sq m, and the underground area is 183,600 sq m. 



It will be developed into a commercial complex integrating office buildings, commercial areas, a cultural and recreational plaza, and high-end hotel.

Longfor Group was founded in 1994 and floated on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on Nov 19, 2009. The company is mainly engaged in the construction of common residential buildings, office buildings, apartments, western-style houses, villas, shopping malls and commercial complexes.