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Land parcel 04, Hongqiao SunnyWorld Center

(shhqcbd.gov.cn) Updated: 2016-03-31

Hongqiao SunnyWorld Center is located on land parcel 04 of phase 1 of the core area. The project was undertaken by well-known real estate development company Wantone group.

Spanning an area of 27,890 square meters, the project connects Shaohong Road to the south, Suhong Road to the north, Shenbing South Road to the west and Shenchang Road to the east. 

It was designed by international architecture planning and designing agency Foster and its partners and received 3.8 billion yuan ($585,960 million) of investment.

The center is composed of two wedge-shaped buildings of 6 to 9 floors and one landmark building. 

Its total construction area of 157,600 sq m is comprised of a ground area of 103,900 sq m and an underground area of 53,700 sq m. It contains high-end office buildings, commercial buildings and a convention center.