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North land parcel 03, Jinchen Lianmei Hongqiao Converge

(shhqcbd.gov.cn) Updated: 2016-03-31

Jinchen Lianmei Hongqiao Converge is a project located north of parcel 03 of phase 1 of the Hongqiao CBD’s core area.

It has received joint investment and was developed by Shanghai Jinchen Investment Co and Lianmei (China) Investment Co. 

The project links Shengui Road to the east, Xihong Road to the south, Yanghong Road to the north and Shenchang Road to the west. It spans an area of 51,300 square meters, with a commercial area of 88,000 sq m and an office area of 177,000 sq m. 

It will be developed into a modern urban complex integrating high-end office space, enterprise headquarters offices, a large-scale comprehensive shopping mall and amusement recreational facilities.