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Vanke Shiyiqu, land parcel 11 at the north core area, Hongqiao CBD

(shhqcbd.gov.cn) Updated: 2016-03-31

The project of Vanke Shiyiqu is located in the land parcel 11 of the north core area in Shanghai Hongqiao CBD. This project is developed by Shanghai Wanshu Real Estate Development Company.

Vanke Shiyiqu project covers an area of 112,863 square meters and it will become a comprehensive complex integrating commercial space, office building, recreation center and residential buildings. The entire complex connects Shenchang Road to the east, Taihong Road to the south, Shenbing Road to the west and Runhong Road to the north. Starting from the constructions, the project will put the emphasis on the attributes of modern, fashionable and eco-friendly.

The developer of this project is, as mentioned before, Shanghai Wanshu Real Estate Development Company, which is a Vanke group`s fully invested subsidiary  founded on Sept 13, 2012. 

China Vanke Co Ltd is a leading real-estate company in China nowadays. Its main business is real-estate development and property services. It stepped into the real estate market in 1988 and by 2014 it became present in 65 cities in China, mainly in Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Rim Region and Chengdu Region.

Since 2013, Vanke Co Ltd has also started investing overseas. It has now been involved in six real-estate development projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles, and the New York City.