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New Changning project, land parcel north 08, Hongqiao CBD

(shhqcbd.gov.cn) Updated: 2016-03-31

The land parcel 08, located at the north core area of Hongqiao CBD, is set to be developed, constructed and managed by Shanghai New Changning Group.

It spans an area of 43,939 square meters and the construction area of 136,409 square meters. It is close to the Hongqiao Railway Station and the No 2 terminal of Hongqiao International Airport. With such location, it reaches Runhong Road to the South, Huaihong Road to the north, Shenhong Road to the west and Shengui Road to the east. The project will have a ground area of 84,693 square meters and an underground area of 51,716 square meters.

This new project will be fully developed, constructed and managed by New Changning Group, which received joint investments from Shanghai Changning Investment Co and Shanghai Xinda Industry and Commerce Co. The company owns registered capital of 924 million yuan ($142 million) and a gross asset value of 20.9 billion yuan. It is mainly working on the real estate development, science and technological industry and commercial promotion.