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Travel around the HUB

(shhqcbd.gov.cn) Updated: 2016-04-12

The Hongqiao Business District, dubbed the “new Lujiazui”, has been spruced up with all sorts of upscale and high-end facilities to accommodate the 110,000 business people living and working inside. It is also a desirable place for entertainment-seeking travellers and residents from nearby districts in Shanghai.  


Pacing through buildings and walking the modern street blocks, people can easily spot the “Welcome to THE HUB” signs, often beside its large-eyed mascot “Bada”. This is Hongqiao Tiandi, aka THE HUB. 


A corner of the HUB.[Photo by Huang Jianjian]


“Bada” is the mascot of THE HUB created by illustration duo Craig Redman and Karl Maier.[Photo by Huang Jianjian]

As the gateway to Hongqiao Business District, the HUB is the premier commercial complex in the area with a total floor space of 380,000 square meters. To date, it has attracted more than 300 brands ranging from catering, parenting, education, lifestyle, entertainment and leisure.


An information sign at the HUB.[Photo by Huang Jianjian]

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