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Travel around the HUB

(shhqcbd.gov.cn) Updated: 2016-04-12

The "Check-in hall", on the first floor of THE HUB, is the first remote check-in service platform in a shopping center in China, where passengers can process their check-in and baggage drop before taking the shuttle bus to the airport.


THE HUB’s "Check-in hall" is the first of its kind in China and will be open till 8 pm.[Photo by Huang Jianjian]

It is fairly easy to take the high-speed train from the Hongqiao Business District, as it is connected to the Hongqiao Transportation Hub by a short 100-meter corridor. So it takes seven minutes to the high-speed rail station on foot and 15 minutes to the No.2 terminal of the airport. 


Hongqiao Business District uses clean energy-powered shuttle buses. There is plenty of underground parking below shopping centers to alleviate traffic.[Photo by Huang Jianjian] 


A Regional bus printed with Hongqiao World’s mascot “Bada”.[Photo by Huang Jianjian]

The core area of Hongqiao Business District is poised to become a demonstration zone integrating commerce, tourism and culture for white-collar workers, travelling businessmen and surrounding residents. 

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