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Macrolink Group brings European neo-classicism to Shanghai’s Hongqiao skyline

(shhqcbd.gov.cn) Updated: 2016-04-15

The shiny European architecture found in today’s photos, postcards and films is expected to spring into existence in Shanghai’s Hongqiao business district in the years to come. You won’t have to go abroad to experience neo-classicism, which will be offered by the Macrolink Group. 

Macrolink Real Estate Co and Beijing Macrolink Changji Commercial Real Estate joined hands and won the bid for block No. 9 of the Hongqiao business district with 1.7 billion yuan in floor prices. The block extends to Shenbin road to the east, Taihong road to the south and west, and Xinghong road to the north. 

The ongoing construction of the Shanghai Microlink international center will take up an area of 90,867.2 square meters, with 280,000 square meters in overall floor space divided between above ground and underground levels. The project is expected to involve a total investment of 4 billion yuan. It will evolve into a new business landmark featuring high-quality office buildings, a comprehensive shopping center and a five-star hotel.

Diverse architecture style 

Zhu Junfu, president and chief designer of Boston International Design Group, revealed at the project design philosophy meeting that the international center project will feature elements of neo-classicism and Shanghai. The center will incorporate the architecture style, history and culture of Shanghai’s bund. 

Macrolink hopes to make the project a milestone among its high-end projects and to preserve Hongqiao’s classicism and timelessness. Although the architectural style’s theme was defined as neo-classical, some buildings will be made landmarks based on their individual functions. 

Hotel: the Garden of Eden

The hotel will have nine floors with an area of 40,000 square meters above ground and 368 guestrooms. Different sized rooms will be offered, ranging from those with big sunken gardens and top-floor clubs to those with small round balconies. All designs have been approved both by experts and the management committee of the district. Additionally, the hotel will sit along the river and make full use of the surrounding environment. It will feature elements of French classical architecture, with a grand style.  

All hotels are committed to offering an unforgettable vacation experiences to guests, however, how do they intend achieve this without beaches, sea waves, coconut groves and sunsets? The secret lies in the ultra-large sunken garden underground. 

A four-floor-high artificial hill separates the inside and outside of the hotel and offers a private and tranquil space. The outer area features stone slopes, flowers, and plants, which keeps the area separated from the external road. The interior area features a food table surrounding a waterfall. The artificial hills and waterfall will create scenery akin to a water curtain cave. 

Visitors can boat through a cave, or enjoy sunbathing and playing in the water within the 800-square-meter waterscape featuring stone caverns, a borderless pool and a small bridge. They can also savor the breathtaking waterfall or go boating while enjoying the food. 

The top club is one of the special designs. It features a European hotel in the Middle Ages and sparkling gems. Guests can look up at a star-studded night sky and drink with each other. 

Commerce: Art streets 

The all-weather commercial pedestrian street is the soul of the project. It's filled with exotic elements contributing life, sunshine, and vitality to the surroundings. The street offers smooth space transitions and unique experiences. 

Macrolink hopes that the outdoor pedestrian street can be a landmark in Hongqiao’s business district and boost regional cultural development. The street will not only offer catering, shopping, and leisure services, but will also integrate art blocks. Many young artists and art lovers can gather here to communicate with each other and absorb the culture of Shanghai. 

The commerce development will be along Shenbin road, and will serve the southern and northern areas of the project and the public communities nearby. The street will integrate catering, entertainment, and shopping with different distinctive features in the south and north. The design is also under continuous improvement. 

A huge sky screen and diverse shops are among features that will offer an enhanced and fashionable shopping experience. The substantial open space can host celebratory events and stimulate commerce. In addition, karaoke, a cinema, a supermarket and a gym will bring further benefits to local residents. 

Offices: Walk in oil paintings 

Macrolink’s Hongqiao project is expected to have 20 independent office buildings (18 freestanding ones and two high-rises). They will each feature subtle differences in design reflecting the cultural diversity of Shanghai. 

A strong business atmosphere and nearby high-end hotels will surround the office area. Macrolink will transform those freestanding office buildings into garden-styled world-class business headquarters. Floor areas vary from 1,800 to 3,600 square meters in order to meet the diverse needs of world-class companies. 

Low carbon: above national two stars

A two-star green building area is planned to cover 76,462 square meters, and a three-star area will span 65,523 square meters. Office areas will all meet three-star standards, and some hotels and businesses will meet the standard for two stars. 

Macrolink is working with Beijing Architectural Design Institute of China Construction to analyze and explore smarter eco-management measures.

I moved the paragraph about the sky screen from the section on office buildings to the section on commerce. It seemed very out of place where it was originally.