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Longfor, center of the world’s center

(shhqcbd.gov.cn) Updated: 2016-04-18

Longfor Hongqiao Tianjie (paradise walk) real estate enterprise had its grand opening ceremony at Shanghai’s Red Town Shanghai Sculpture Space on March 31, 2015. More than 300 people attended the ceremony. 

The Paradise Walk project sits in the core area of Hongqiao Central Business District (CBD) and is divided by Zhouhong road into two blocks. The project covers a total area of 78,800 square meters and has an overall floorage of 435,000 square meters. 

When completed, it will be a commercial complex integrating high-end business facilities, a hotel and commercial facilities. The project consists of high-end commercial facilities, a culture entertainment center, boutique hotel and auxiliary hotel zone. All areas will be connected through an underground commercial area and space corridor.   


Hongqiao Paradise Walk sits at the core area of Hongqiao CBD. It is 400 meters away from the Hongqiao high-speed Railway Station and 300 meters from the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The advantageous location makes Hongqiao Paradise the “center of the world's center”. All major cities in the Yangtze River Delta Region are within a 1.5-hour-drive radius of the central business district. Hongqiao Tianjie has attracted attention of many high-end consumers as well as famous enterprises, such as Alibaba, Roche Group and the AOC. 

Embrace the Hongqiao Tianjie: Input, quality and experience 

Hongqiao Tianjie has developed a huge shopping mall integrating business, shopping, catering, entertainment and leisure space for urban consumers. The mall covers almost every aspect of metropolitan life. 

A 430,000-square-meter landmark-level urban complex integrates a high-end shopping center with 150-200 square meters of first-rate riverside office buildings, business street with ecological landscape and high-end hotel. 


Business: Shopping center and commercial landscaping 

Hongqiao Tianjie’s business area covers 210,000 square meters and includes  a 140,000-square-meter shopping mall space and a 60,000-square-meter commercial street. Luxury international brands, a high-end restaurant, gym and cinema will be introduced to the shopping malls. Some brands will make their debut in Shanghai there. 

Office: garden-styled ecology and high intelligence 

Seven office buildings in Hongqiao Tianjie are close to rivers. Their design is focused on environmental protection and high intelligence, aiming to offer green office experiences to its enterprises and business people. The buildings’ competitiveness mainly lies in three aspects. 



Of all buildings in the core district area, only offices of Hongqiao Tianjie and Hongqiao Lvgu are highly sellable. 

Independent airborne headquarters 

A freestanding business complex lies between riverside office buildings and the shopping centers. The complex’s exterior is made of glasses on four sides. It has terrace and roof garden and can be used for office and exhibition purposes, perfect for advertising and clothes enterprises. Although the garden-styled airborne headquarter is close to the shopping center, it offers office workers and business people quiet business environment. 



Hongqiao Tianjie introduced an advanced PM2.5 filtration system capable of removing 90 percent of air pollutants and creating a healthy office environment for office workers. Its NFC intelligent system carries a long-distance recognition function, offering convenient access to office areas. 


Hotel: fashionable, young and avant-garde

Hongqiao Tianjie worked with InterContinental Hotels Group to introduce Shanghai’s second INDIGO boutique hotel. The hotel has adopted world-leading logistics management standards and individualized design reflecting Shanghai’s culture. Intimate and friendly services can be felt in the detail of the hotel. Visitors can enjoy accommodation, catering and bar services here. 

Apart from all these, four colors of lights shining at the paradise walk have different themes. Red represents shopping center (paradise walk), blue indicates riverside office buildings (LIC), green means sky avenue and yellow refers to boutique hotel.