Hongqiao CBD launches official business, tourism and culture plan

Updated: 2016-05-03

Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District (CBD) will launch a business, tourism and culture event alongside new travel routes in a promotional drive on May 1.

The announcement was made by Min Shilin, executive deputy director of the Administration Committee of Shanghai Hongqiao CBD. 


The travel routes and demonstration district will be themed on “one road, one district and one belt”, according to Min. 

One road refers to Shenchang Road, which runs from the underpass of Shenbin Road to Tonghong Road. 

One district means a region ranging from Shenhong Road to the east, Xinjiaopu River to the west, Zhouhong Road to the south and Xihong Road to the north.

One belt is the green belt of Hongqiao’s central axis and the public riverside green beside Shenbing Road.

The characteristics of the “one road, one district and one belt” theme will showcase Hongqiao CBD’s focus on developing itself into a transportation hub, a place with trade potential and sound supporting facilities.