Hongqiao CBD waits for you with novel amusement parks

Updated: 2016-06-17

Do you hate traffic jams or large crowds of people at scenic spots, but don’t want to stay indoors all day long? Then the Hongqiao Business District, with its unique leisure areas, is for you!


Kayaking is a niche sport in China. In Shanghai there are only four kayaking clubs, one of which is situated in the heart of Hongqiao’s CBD.

The choice of the location can be attributed to the area’s beautiful environment and abundant water, as well as the Hongqiao CBD’s convenient transportation links.


LightKayak has invested extensively in hiring retired former national kayakers who will coach and offer professional instruction to visitors so that they can improve their kayaking skills.


Kayakers have a unique perspective of the world, one that brings them closer to the harmony of nature.


Monday through Friday, LightKayak welcomes groups from companies wanting to build up their employees’ team spirit through the sport. 

On weekends the club is open to individuals – friends, lovers and families – and the sport is especially popular among parents and children.

Last but not least, kayaking is helpful in keeping fit and shaping a beautiful body. So, come on!

Address: 302 Huaxiang Rd

Transport: Take rail line 2 or 10 to Hongqiao Railway Station, and then take the Hongqiao CBD shuttle bus No. 1 to Huaxiang Green.

2.Jump 360

Jump 360 is an extreme trampoline gym in the Hongqiao CBD. Here, the trampoline is integrated with basketball, volleyball, action games, and even parkour and CS.


The trampoline sport has become the latest fad across the world, with many Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shenzhen having indoor trampoline gyms. But what are extreme trampolines like? At Jump 360, there are happy areas for kids and extreme experience areas for adults. 

Trampolines in the kids’ areas have weaker springs but still it is not easy to keep your balance, so kids can safely enjoy bouncing and rolling over the trampoline mat with professional instructors taking good care of them.


For adults, there are many separate areas for slam dunk, volleyball, bouncing and other sports; there is even a path requiring extra bravery. The key is to keep your balance, so that you can gradually make progress with the help of instructors. If you are brave enough, forward and backward somersaults will absolutely give you the feeling of flying in the air. And according to estimates, extreme trampoline is 68 percent more efficient than running on treadmills. So, let’s bounce!

Address: 1408 Jizhai Rd

Transport: Take Metro Line 2 to East Xujing Station and then the free shuttle bus.