Remote check-in at Hongqiao Tiandi

Updated: 2016-07-11

A remote check-in hall was launched at The HUB (Hongqiao Tiandi) recently, the first of its kind in mainland China, and only the third around the world, after those in Hong Kong and Japan.


As a part of Hongqiao CBD’s “business, travel and culture” plan, the remote check-in services at Hongqiao Tiandi, allow passengers to shop, eat and check-in for their flights all in one convenient location.


Hongqiao Tiandi is the only shopping complex which connects directly with Hongqiao’s Integrated Transportation Hub. It covers an area of 62,000 square meters, and integrates shopping, dining, recreation and leisure, to provide an enjoyable stop for stand-by and transfer passengers.


Passengers can also check-in their baggage and make use of other flight-related services directly at the center. The HUB also provides shuttle buses to the airport every 30 minutes.

1、Traffic routes around Hongqiao Tiandi

Passengers can walk to Metro Line 2 and 10, as well as Hongqiao Railway Station. Airport terminal 2 is only 900 meters away from the shopping center. Passengers can walk there or take the free shuttle bus.

2、About the check-in hall

The hall includes an 800 –sq–m check-in hall, a 70–sq–m luggage storage room and several ticket counters. It provides check-in services for business class, first-class and standard class passengers. At present, the hall can serve all China Eastern Airlines’s flights from Terminal 2.