Discovering culture in Hongqiao CBD

Updated: 2016-07-13

“Business, tourism and culture event” has been a hot phrase for the Hongqiao Central Business District (CBD) this year. Culture, which plays a key role in the event, can boost the other two components.

In Hongqiao CBD, cultural is a word that can be aptly applied to both activities and places.

“Jian Shu Ba”—Simple Book Bar


Recently opened in the Vanke Center of CBD’s central area, Jian Shu Ba book bar offers nearby office workers a comfortable place to rest.

A book bar can bring inner peace to people with busy minds. Jian Shu Ba may become a regional cultural landmark through just that process.



Address: Hongqiao Vanke Center, LG1

Hours: 11:30am-1:30pm, Monday to Friday

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