Outdoor wind tunnel flying hits Shanghai

Updated: 2016-07-21

China’s first outdoor wind tunnel flying experience event opened at The Hub in Hongqiao Central Business District on April 30.




The vertical wind tunnel was imported from the United States and can generate and control wind to suspend participants in the air. 

Wind tunnel facilities were frequently used in movies and performances for special effects and even in training sessions for astronauts. It was the first time that such an adventure had ever hit Shanghai. US actor Jeremy Renner had a try on it, and you would not like to miss it, would you?


Jeremy Renner used a wind tunnel in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.


China Central Television host Zhu Xun vies to break a Guinness Word Record.

Meanwhile, photographers will take pictures of your adventure. You can challenge various poses, which will surely catch the most attention from your friends on social media like WeChat Moments.

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