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​Hongqiao CBD's top 10 achievements in 2016

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2017-01-26

The year of 2016 is an extraordinary year for Hongqiao Central Business District (CBD), one packed full of brilliant performances and remarkable breakthroughs for Shanghai's emerging business hub.

Here is a rundown of the 10 biggest moments in Hongqiao CBD's development over the past year, which certainly witnessed some of the greatest changes the area has ever seen.

1. Hongqiao CBD's 13th Five-Year Plan approved by the municipal government


A government executive meeting held in Shanghai on June 19 passed the 13th Five-Year Plan of Hongqiao CBD, a document that outlines the blueprints for the next five years of the CBD's development.

The CBD will serve Shanghai's industrial upgrading and urban layout adjustments, provide strong support to the Yangtze River Delta region's industrial and economic development, and help companies in the Yangtze River Delta region better seize opportunities on the world stage, according to the plan.

Established in 2009, Hongqiao CBD has been positioned as a modern service industry cluster, a new international trade platform, a gathering place for company headquarters, trading institutions and economic organizations, and a high-end business service platform for businesses in China.

The CBD will keep strengthening its three key functions: transportation, exhibitions and business, integrating all its available resources to enhance production, business, and knowledge and information services.

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