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​Hongqiao CBD's top 10 achievements in 2016

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2017-01-26

10. CBD turns into a platform for headquarters economy


Hongqiao CBD is gradually developing a headquarters economy.

A Certificating Ceremony of MNC's Regional Headquarters in Shanghai was held on Dec 7 where 33 firms received approval from local authorities to set up their regional headquarters in Shanghai.

Auto industry supplier KSPG (China) Investment Co Ltd, opto-electronic product supplier Lite-On Technology and semiconductor distribution industry service provider WT Microelectronics are three multinational corporations that achieved access to Shanghai's Hongqiao CBD to establish their regional headquarters.

To date, more than 700 enterprises have settled in Hongqiao CBD, among which 40 serve as regional headquarters. They have played a significant role in the development of the regional economy.

Featuring an advantageous location and a mature investment environment, the Hongqiao Central Business District is expected to attract more companies to locate their regional headquarters there.

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