GM from Messer likes favorable environment

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2018-01-19


Some 2,300 enterprises have landed in Hongqiao Central Business District, Shanghai. [Photo/WeChat account: hongqiaoshangwuqu]

The efforts Hongqiao Central Business District has made to improve its overall environment in recent years are strongly appreciated by the directors of world-leading enterprises settling in the CBD.

Messer, supplier of industrial gases, is one such enterprise.

Xu Qing, general manager of Messer, said that the company moved to the CBD two years ago for its favorable and natural business environment.

She explained that shopping malls, cinemas, cafes and restaurants are all within easy reach and staff quite like the convenient life.

The business environment is getting better, too.

"There's not such a place like Hongqiao CBD in Shanghai having such large office areas and numerous transnational corporations," Xu commented. "This is the CBD's advantage and the first China International Import Expo and the World Skills Competition to be held in 2018 are sure to further improve its business environment."

To headquarter in Hongqiao CBD and establish more branches in Yangtze River Delta cities is the company's strategic direction in the New Year.

The general manager said that the high speed trains and airplanes servicing the CBD ensure that her colleagues working in the surrounding cities can attend conferences and return home in a day, which is the CBD's irreplaceable superiority.

Xu also praised Hongqiao CBD for its high-end talents and said their presence is significant for their company's further development.

Supporting measures from local government such as preferential tax treatment, talent apartments and house purchase subsidies for top managers are another of the CBD's attractions.

Some 2,300 enterprises, more than 100 of them foreign and many of them Fortune 500 listed transnational enterprises and leading companies in their industries, have landed in the CBD.