Enjoy smart traveling in Hongqiao CBD

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2018-01-23

Visitors to the Hongqiao Central Business District can now experience a great many high-tech conveniences such as sharable electric cars, remote check-in counters and a renovated T1 terminal at the Hongqiao International Airport.

Sharable electric cars offer eco-friendly trips

Going by subway is too inconvenient for a family trip and a rental car needs to be reserved in advance.

In the CBD, however, a sharable electric car can solve your troubles.

Different from traditional car rentals, an electric car can be rented by make an appointment and payment online.

Besides convenience, low cost is the cars' most attractive feature.

Take the Roewe E50 for example. If you drive for 30 minutes from Hongqiao International Airport to Jinjiang Amusement Park, the cost of renting an electric car is about 15 yuan ($2.27) plus a 10 yuan service fee while taking a taxi would cost about 58 yuan for the same distance.

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