Hongqiao CBD brings in new working space

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2018-03-07


Exterior of the DoBe WE" International Hub@HONGQIAO GREEN VALLEY project developed by DoBe Group in Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District. [Photo/news.ifeng.com]

DoBe Group, a leading cultural and creative industries cluster developer and operator, announced on March 6 that it would locate its DoBe WE" International Hub@HONGQIAO GREEN VALLEY project in the Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District.

The project, covering a combined floor area of about 20,000 square meters, is composed of commercial buildings, plaza, roof gardens, and others. It aims to explore a new type of working space.

As its name Green Valley suggests, the project features good greening work and looks like a valley from afar. 

Flexible working environments will be designed to meet requirements for work, meetings, and entertainment. A variety of communal spaces will also be built.

Also the architecture is designed to be environmentally-friendly, digital, and intelligent via the use of an energy saving rainwater collection system, an intelligent lighting system, intelligent lockers, and vending machines.

DoBe explained that the positioning of the project in Hongqiao is due to the area's location advantages and great commercial development potential.

Hongqiao is already a convenient transportation hub because of the Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao High-speed Railway Station.

In the future, the hub will be further expanded. The railway station will have 10 lines for maglev trains, and 30 for inter-city and high-speed trains. The airport will have two terminals serving both domestic and international flights. There will also be a large metro station and a new bus terminal.


A 10-meter high book wall is included in the communal space for workers to enjoy reading after work. [Photo/news.ifeng.com]