Hongqiao CBD all set to welcome the expo

(shhqcbd.gov.cn) Updated: 2018-10-12

As the host site of the upcoming China International Import Expo (CIIE) in November, Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District (CBD) has been working hard to undertake final preparations.

It's expected that tens of thousands of IoT sensor devices, covering over 20 fields such as environmental monitoring, fire prevention and public facility management, will be applied in the core area of Hongqiao CBD by the end of October.

Dustbins in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), where the CIIE will take place, have been applied with sensors.

The intelligent dustbins will be able to send information to sanitation workers automatically when they are full of garbage, which will improve the efficiency of the workers and the environment of the expo.

Smoke and temperature sensors are also being set up in tall buildings in Hongqiao CBD to monitor the environment and meet fire prevention regulations.