Hongqiao CBD to be Shanghai's new economic growth pole

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2019-03-08

Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District, host venue of the China International Import Expo (CIIE), is riding in the expo's wake to turn itself into an important economic growth pole in Shanghai.

The CIIE, a driving force for Shanghai's further opening up, was first launched last November. It brought together top enterprises, commodities and services worldwide, helping increase the global influence of the "Shopping in Shanghai" brand and develop Shanghai into an international consumption city.

Hongqiao is making full use of opportunities brought by the expo to build an imported goods distribution center for the Yangtze River Delta region to attract more consumers.

One of its efforts was the launch of an exhibition and trade center for imported goods, which became a perennial venue for CIIE exhibits after the closing of the expo.

At present, the center has over 8,000 types of commodities of over 400 brands from more than 50 countries on display, including rice from Japan's Hokkaido, a popular product at the CIIE.

Ji Lifeng, dealer of the Japanese rice and CEO of Shanghai Pushihui Import and Expo Co, explained that they eyed the favorable location and convenient warehousing service of the center and expected it to help high-quality Japanese brands enter the Chinese market.

Additionally, the Hongqiao Foreign Trade Center also serves as a perennial exhibition and trade venue for the CIIE. It offers both office and exhibition space for overseas trade organizations.