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Groundbreaking takes place of Neusoft center in Hongqiao Intl CBD

LMS| Updated: October 19, 2022

Construction recently started of the new Neusoft Shanghai Technology Center in the Hongqiao International Central Business District, which is located in Shanghai city in East China.

The center will become a research and development base for software group Neusoft's healthcare technology and information technology business in the East China region.

Founded in 1991, Neusoft Corporation is the first listed software company in China. Neusoft has carved out leading positions in the fields of healthcare, the smart city, intelligent vehicles connectivity, the digital transformation of businesses, as well as in international software services.

In the area of healthcare, Neusoft developed China's first computed tomography equipment, as well as its first superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance devices and its first digital radiography equipment, among others. To date, its medical equipment has been exported to more than 110 countries and regions. 

With an estimated total investment of 2 billion yuan ($277.4 million), the center will cover about 35,333 square meters of land. The Neusoft Medical high-end medical imaging equipment (Shanghai) R&D center will be stationed in the center after its completion.

According to Liu Jiren, chairman of Neusoft, the company chose Hongqiao for its efficient and highly trained workforce and its optimal business ecosystem.

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