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Hongqiao intl CBD launches online new economy park

LMS| Updated: October 19, 2022

The "Source of Hongqiao" Online New Economy Ecological Park – located in the Changning area of the Hongqiao International Central Business District in Shanghai city in East China – was launched at the 2022 Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference on June 16.

As one of the three municipal online new economy ecological parks, it is deemed as being an important part of the layout of Shanghai's online new economy in the west of the city.

The park will strive to build itself up as a leading online new economy innovation high ground and digital economy headquarters cluster in China – and as a model for high-quality economic development and digital transformation in the country, according to the blueprints.

Plans are to cultivate more than 10 leading online new economy companies there, more than 100 influential online new economy companies with high growth potential and more than 2,000 online new economy companies by 2025.

At present, major projects – such as iFlytek's artificial intelligence project, Shanghai Airport Group's "5G+ digital twin" project and United Imaging's intelligent medical headquarters projects – are being fully promoted in the park.

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