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Hongqiao's international CBD enterprise service center

LMS| Updated: October 25, 2022

The Hongqiao International Central Business District Enterprise Service Center – located in East China's Shanghai – was opened in February 2022, covering an area of 1,200 square meters. It provides multiple functional areas including an integrated service window, specialized service window, tailored services, a business customer meeting service and self-service, among others. The new CBD center has integrated more than 900 government services and enterprise demands for more special-featured services, constructing a "government service + special service + personalized service" functional system. It aims to create an online and offline integrated experience for resident enterprises.

"Government Online-Offline Shanghai" Integrated Service Windows

The integrated window provides enterprises with consultations and accepts more than 400 government affairs such as business start-ups, changes, taxation and talent.

The window for cross-regional matters provides solutions for more than 400 common services and issues in the four districts in the 151-square-kilometer core area of the business district – as well as 35 high-frequency issues, including registrations and alterations to enterprises for companies in the Yangtze River Delta region.

The window for special services provides services, including Madrid international trademark registration and the APEC Business Travel Card, etc.

Specialized Service Windows

The technology transaction window provides enterprises with information releases about technological demands and achievements, technology contract registrations, science and technology policy consultations and assessments over technological innovations.

The special window for trade promotions provides services regarding audit and issue certificates of origin of export goods from China; consultations and acceptances including the commercial certificates of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the ATA Carnet of the China Chamber of International Commerce, as well as foreign-related commercial documents and paper agents. It provides consultations on participation in various international exhibitions sponsored by the Shanghai Council for the Promotion of Trade and on related arbitration and mediation affairs.

The special window for foreign investment provides services for enterprises regarding overseas investment, cross-border trade and other related services.

The special window for financial issues related to the China International Import Expo, or CIIE provides policies and services related to free trade accounts, cross-border RMB financing and refinancing – as well as cross-border capital pools and centralized operations of cross-border funds, comprehensive cross-border financial services for non-residents and settlement services for counties involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, including handling settlement business, global account witnesses, export buyer's credit and RCEP services, helping enterprises to "go global"; basic introduction and promotion materials of the CIIE, consultation on exhibition matters and cooperation with the online system platform. At the same time, the window provides overall services for CIIE in cooperation with the Bank of China. Based on the existing service plan of the 4th CIIE, the window provides additional services for enterprises, including matchmaking business meetings, on-site services and relevant activities. Financial services related to the exhibition and special policies of the Hongqiao International Open Hub for enterprises are also available.

The customs service window provides services for all kinds of international exhibitions customs clearances, etc.

The policy consultation window provides enterprises with Hongqiao International Open Hub-related investing policy consultations.

The legal notary window provides notary consulting services, fundamental notary services related to enterprises and people – and provides special services, such as digital seals, overseas remote video notaries, online notarization of the compulsory validity of creditor's rights documents and online applications channels, through the cloud notary data center.

The special window for human resources and talent apartments provides enterprises with human resources management, talent training, talent apartment applications, etc.

Foreigners Service Area

The area provides employment permit services for foreigners in enterprises in Shanghai and within the Yangtze River Delta region. It also provides services for the renewal of residence permits and visas for foreigners in Shanghai.

"Hong" Housekeeping Service Station

The station provides one-to-one, face-to-face, zero-distance housekeeping services.

Business Meeting Room

The meeting space is where customers can communicate with staff over issues, including investment consultations and business negotiations.

The self-service area, with super self-service terminals, handles more than 900 Shanghai government services and covers full services in 39 regions in eight municipalities in the Yangtze River Delta region. At the same time, the area achieves automatic generation of application materials for 28 high-frequency issues – such as changes to the particulars and structure of enterprises.


Hongqiao International Central Business District Enterprise Service Center

Service hours: 9:00-11:30, 13:30-16:30 (Monday to Friday)

Location: 1st floor, Building 4, No 2377 Shenkun Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Tel: 021-33588990

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