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Overseas personnel park opens in Shanghai's Hongqiao CBD

LMS| Updated: October 31, 2022

Many people are returning from overseas studies to the Qingpu district of East China's Shanghai – drawn by the opportunities presented by such things as the China International Import Expo or CIIE, the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region, the Hongqiao International Open Hub and the construction of five new towns in the city.

At the end of September, the Shanghai Qingpu (YRD) Overseas Personnel Entrepreneurship Park was completed and started operating. It is not only close to a subway station and elevated road exit, but also has a complete set of commercial and trading facilities.

Taking into account the different needs of start-ups from the seed development stage to the rapid developing stage, the park is equipped with open spaces and independent office areas of various specifications.

Qingpu district has also issued the Implementation Measures of Qingpu District on Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Overseas Personnel – which covers such benefits as free site rentals, rental subsidies, residential apartments and business start-up subsidies, among others.

At present, the Shanghai Qingpu (YRD) Overseas Personnel Entrepreneurship Park has attracted 17 enterprises established by talent returning from overseas studies and has incubated 18 projects.

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