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Shanghai continues to optimise COVID prevention and control measures

LMS| Updated: December 6, 2022

Shanghai continues to optimise COVID-19 prevention and control measures as the municipal government announced on Monday that residents are no longer required to present negative nucleic acid test results to enter most public areas, including shopping malls, supermarkets, offices and residential compounds starting on Tuesday.

The requirement for negative nucleic acid test results still stands for entries to some designated public areas such as restaurants, bars, nursing homes, welfare facilities, hospitals and medical institutions, schools and indoor recreational places with a dense population including KTVs, chess and card game rooms, live action role play game rooms and internet cafes.

According to the notice, the city will continue to provide free nucleic acid tests at regular testing sites.

Also, residents who failed to get tested for seven consecutive days will not be automatically downgraded from a green health code to a yellow one.

Starting on Monday, Shanghai no longer requires passengers to possess a negative nucleic acid test result when taking public transportation, including buses and subways, or when entering outdoor public spaces.

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