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3 expats in Changning recognized for contributions to Shanghai

Updated: December 13, 2022

Ten expats, including three from Changning district, received this year's Magnolia Gold Award from the Shanghai municipal government for their significant contributions to the city's economic, social development and cross-cultural exchanges on Dec 8.


People pose for a photo at the presentation ceremony of Shanghai Magnolia Gold Award. [Photo/WeChat account: changning]

The three expats include two US citizens – Xu Daquan, executive vice-president of Bosch (China) Investment Ltd, and Shen Xiaoping, vice-president of Shanghai Sipo Polytechnic – and a Nepalese, Ashish Maskay, who works at the Shanghai United Family Hospital and is the founder of the expatriate blood donation organization Bloodline

Maskay said in his speech that Shanghai is a friendly, safe, vibrant and convenient international metropolis and that he and his foreign friends are making efforts to promote exchanges between Chinese and foreign cultures.

Changning has always been encouraging its foreign residents to involve themselves in the area's development. In 2020, the district established the Hongqiao Friendship Alliance, which consists of outstanding expats from various fields and is aimed at providing suggestions on how Changning can become a district with great international influence. Twelve out of 30 members of the alliance have received the Magnolia Award to date.  

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