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Sergio Lopez: CIIE the biggest import-export platform in the world

LMS| Updated: December 14, 2022

Sergio Lopez, the assistant to the chairman at China Dream Investment Co in South Africa, has been committed to boosting economic, trade and cultural exchanges between China and South Africa. 

"One of the reasons I joined China Dream is to ensure longevity in a career, and also to be able to assist South African companies in getting closer to the Chinese market," said Lopez.


Sergio Lopez poses for a photo. [Photo/WeChat account: shchangning]

"Over the years, the one thing that has absolutely amazed me is it (China) created an import-export platform, which is today the biggest in the world and has been for the last five years, called the CIIE," he said.

China Dream has organized South African small and medium-sized enterprises to attend the annual China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai for five consecutive years. The expo has presented opportunities for Chinese and South African companies, brought the two nations a lot closer, and created jobs, said Lopez.

An increasing number of South African companies have been participating in the CIIE and received a slew of orders. More and more South African specialties like red wine, abalone, and beef have also entered the Chinese market through the expo, he said 

"You can go to Shanghai and taste the best ones that South Africa has to offer and other products," he added.

China Dream not only imports and exports products, but also shares knowledge and technology, as well as helps Chinese and South African enterprises start their businesses in each other's markets, he said.

"You've got challenges throughout the world, but …it (the world economy can really grow substantially if we work together."

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