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Challenge Chinatorch event promotes technical exchanges, cooperation in YRD

LMS| Updated: December 19, 2022

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An official from the Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai delivers a video speech at the sub-contest of the seventh Challenge Chinatorch in Hongqiao CBD on Dec 15. [Photo/WeChat account: hongqiaoshangwuqu]

A sub-contest of the seventh Challenge Chinatorch, which focused on the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta (YDR) region, took place in Shanghai Hongqiao International Central Business District (Hongqiao CBD) on Dec 15.

Consisting of three parts of YRD integration, digitalization empowerment and technical talents cultivation, the event focused on innovation demands and outstanding research results of enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, as well as Shanghai, to accelerate the flow of technical factors.

More than 500 officials from local scientific and technological departments, experts, as well as representatives from enterprises, universities, and service and investment institutions, attended the event through online and offline channels.

This year's Challenge Chinatorch has provided a platform for 241 cross-city and cross-province matchmakings in the YRD region and helped solve 557 technical issues, which involved tentative deals totaling 1.22 billion yuan ($174.7 million).

In order to encourage opening-up and international collaboration in society and culture, science and technology, and the economy, the event is also open to the entire world for technological solutions. It aims to bring more overseas resources to Shanghai.

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