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Train tickets go on sale for Spring Festival travel rush

Xinhua| Updated: December 26, 2022

Train tickets for China's upcoming Spring Festival travel rush went on sale on Saturday, according to the country's railway operator.

The travel rush, usually a period with high transportation demand as people return home to celebrate the Spring Festival, will run from Jan 7 to Feb 15 in 2023.

China's railway authorities will step up efforts to coordinate COVID-19 prevention and control with transportation work to improve the quality of railway transportation during the travel rush, according to the China State Railway Group Co Ltd.

With the optimization and adjustment of China's COVID-19 response, it is estimated that the number of passenger trips via the country's railway network will increase as people plan trips for family reunions and tourism, the railway operator said.

Goods transportation will also see an upward trend during the period amid enterprises' work resumption and the growing demand for coal transportation to ensure power supply in winter.

China's railway system will constantly optimize its COVID-19 response and transportation services to improve passengers' travel experiences, the railway operator added.

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