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Shanghai visa services return to normal

LMS| Updated: January 10, 2023


Visa applications for tourist and private visits have resumed in Shanghai. [Photo provided to]

Visa applications for tourist and private visits have resumed in Shanghai following moves by the National Immigration Administration to optimize immigration management policies, officials from the Shanghai exit-entry administration bureau said on Monday.

"In response to the high demand for visas, we have optimized the application procedure and opened all 150 reception counters across the city to offer related services," said Shen Qiang, a director with the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau said.

According to Shen, the bureau has maximized its capacity for reservations and will add new reservation spots constantly on a daily basis.

Green channels have also been made available to people from special groups, including seniors, juveniles, as well as people with urgent requirements, added Shen.

Applications for travel or business passes to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region have also started, according to Hou Xiaowen, a deputy director with the exit-entry administration bureau.

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