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Food company gets hot

LMS| Updated: February 17, 2023


Deliverymen collect food for customers at an offline store of Guoquan Shihui. [Photo/IC]

Guoquan Shihui, a specialized hotpot and barbecue food materials supply chain headquartered in the Shanghai Hongqiao International Central Business District, recently had its offline outlets exceed 10,000 in China's 29 provincial-level administrative regions.

The keys to its flourishing development are its several research and development centers in many cities and its in-depth cooperation with over 600 original design manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers who help ensure stable and high-quality operation.

The company has developed a standard management system in four aspects of product R&D, upstream production, storage and logistics and terminal delivery.

Chinese consumers have shown an increasing appetite for ready-to-cook dishes as the stay-at-home economy has changed people's consumption and eating habits, which has led to a burgeoning precooked food market for the company.

Guoquan Shihui is offering "one-stop" solutions for "eating at home" with eight scenarios of hotpots, barbecues, soy sauce-stewed dishes, single-person diet, easy-made dishes, beverages, Western-style food and raw food materials.

The coordinated operation of online app and offline stores has ensured effective control of costs and efficiency.

As to why the company headquartered in Hongqiao, a senior executive said that it locates most of its branches in other cities near local high-speed railway stations, which is convenient for business trips.

Hongqiao is not only a hub of transportation, talents and factor flow in the Yangtze River Delta region, but also the permanent venue of the annual China International Import Expo.

Hongqiao's aim to become a center of imported commodities corresponds with the company's mission of "collecting good materials globally and sharing good tastes with the world".

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