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Shanghai to enhance e-governance platform with latest AI tech

LMS| Updated: February 23, 2023

Shanghai will continue to tap into new technologies such as ChatGPT to enhance Government Online-Offline Shanghai, the city's official e-governance platform, so as to offer more convenience to users and improve the efficiency of its online services, according to officials.

"The e-governance platform will continue to expand and empower social services this year," said Shao Jun, director of the Shanghai Big Data Center, which is in charge of the platform's operation, during an online interview on Tuesday.

"We will combine artificial intelligence, blockchain and other new technologies to expand new application scenarios, enhance digital service capabilities, and enable more government services," he added.

The center is also actively cooperating with relevant domestic companies to carry out research on conversational AI systems similar to ChatGPT, the director said.

"For example, the intelligent customer service Xiaoshen and intelligent search functions on our mobile app Suishenban are very suitable for advancing the development of such technology," Shao said, before adding that the big data center is currently undergoing technical docking and is expected to launch related services in the future.

"We will continue to track, identify appropriate application scenarios, and promote this new technology as soon as possible while ensuring data security is not compromised," Shao said. "The combination of services will make the service platform more intelligent and considerate."

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