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Shanghai's Hongqiao goals for a new highland for legal services

LMS| Updated: March 17, 2023

The Hongqiao International Central Legal Hub, a new platform integrating public legal services, professional legal services, as well as research on the rule of law and exchanges, is taking shape in Shanghai Hongqiao International Central Business District.

The hub is focusing on gathering first-class legal resources, creating a new highland for legal services, and attracting a batch of law firms, arbitration and judicial authentication institutions, as well as other legal tech and media agencies. To date, 41 legal institutions have settled in the hub.

"Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region are the most important markets for us," said Shi Long, a lawyer of ETR Law Firm, adding that ETR decided to settle in the area thanks to the smooth communication with local departments and their "dedication, professionalism, sincerity, and pragmatism".

Xu Xuemei, director of the New Hongqiao Notary Office, said: "The function of notarization is to prevent disputes. If disputes are not solved, a lawyer is needed. In the past, after completing the notarization service, I would help the client find a lawyer. Now, the client can just go upstairs. We can provide complete legal services together."  

The office has been based in the Hongqiao CBD for five years, serving as both a contributor and witness to the legal hub's growth. 

"As a bridgehead of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region, Hongqiao boasts good geographic advantages, convenient transport, and a cluster of headquarters enterprises," Xu said. 

"Located in the Hongqiao CBD, we have become a pilot notary institution in Shanghai to lead the integrated development of the notarization industry in the Yangtze River Delta. Now we will move to the hub, optimize the legal service system, and help the growth of our notary office."

"The Shanghai Arbitration Commission intends to set up its Yangtze River Delta service center here to serve commercial arbitration and other cases," added Wu Tao, deputy general manager of Nanhongqiao Group. 

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