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Hongqiao International Central Business District key areas

LMS| Updated: April 25, 2023

As the core area of the Hongqiao International Open Hub, the Hongqiao International Central Business District covers 151.4 square kilometers, forming a so-called 1+4 overall pattern, meaning "One core, Four areas".

The "One core" is the core area – the main area for the core functions of the Hongqiao CBD. It relies on the radiating effect and the lead role of the two major functional facilities of the National Exhibition and Convention Center and the comprehensive transportation hub. As such, it focuses on promoting the development of the headquarters economy and high-end business clusters, improving and optimizing the functions of the transportation hub and creating an atmosphere conducive to innovation-first development.

The "Four areas" are the South Hongqiao Area, the East Hongqiao Area, the West Hongqiao Area and the North Hongqiao Area.

The South Hongqiao Area takes the strengthening of the development of international public service functions and the high-end service economy as its main feature. It cultivates an industrial ecosystem around the Qianwan area and establishes a central activity area that integrates multiple functions.

Moreover, it accelerates the development of high-quality clusters for key industries such as the life and health sector, cultural innovation, e-sports, integrated circuits designs, the online new economy, specialty finance and professional services.

The East Hongqiao and Airport Area takes the development of the hub economy as its main feature and focuses on the airport economy, the headquarters economy and the digital economy. It vigorously promotes the development of such industries as the smart internet sector, smart travel, fashion creativity, artificial intelligence, digital trade, financial technology and healthcare.

The West Hongqiao Area takes the development of exhibition and convention business as its main feature and highlights the core function positioning for "Technological Innovation + Business". It expands the industrial advantages of Beidou navigation and the exhibition and convention business. The area makes full use of the strong flow – of people, business, information and capital brought by the exhibition and convention economy – to strengthen the connection with and introduction of high-level business entities and to promote the vigorous development of exhibition and convention business industry clusters.

The North Hongqiao Area takes the key development of the innovative economy as its main feature – and relies on the manufacturing base and the redevelopment of land resources, to build a high-level North Hongqiao Science and Technology Innovation Center. It gathers a group of leading companies with innovative vitality and focuses on the development of headquarters R&D, high-end manufacturing, artificial intelligence, new materials, new energy and other industries.

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