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New metro line connects Suzhou with Shanghai

China Daily| Updated: May 26, 2023


Suzhou Metro Line 11 starts no-load test operation in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, March 1, 2023. [Photo/VCG]

Suzhou's new metro Line 11, which will connect downtown Suzhou with Shanghai, will soon be put into operation.

With a total length of 41.25 kilometers, Line 11 runs between Weiting Station at Suzhou Industrial Park and Huaqiao Station in the Suzhou-administered county-level city of Kunshan.

With 28 stations, travelers can transfer to Subway Line 3 at Weiting Station and to Shanghai's Subway Line 11 at Huaqiao Station, according to the Suzhou government.

The trip from Weiting Station to Huaqiao Station will take about 53 minutes with the train's designed speed reaching 100 km/h.

The long-awaited subway line started construction in 2018 and has been in no-load trial runs since March.

It is now "running the chart", which refers to the train simulating the operation of the whole subway line before officially being put into use.

According to Suzhou Rail Transit Group, which is responsible for the construction of the subway, Line 11 has been running normally according to the operation timetable, with 5,607 trains running a mileage of more than 215,700 km since March.

Before it officially starts operation as scheduled, Line 11 still needs to pass various operation safety assessments. More than 10,000 local residents will also be invited to take a test ride to collect public opinion before the line is put into use, according to Suzhou Rail Transit Group.

"People in Suzhou will soon be able to take the subway from downtown to Disneyland in Shanghai," said Ge Yulei, who works for the rail transit group. "People from Shanghai can enjoy Kunqu Opera, visit ancient water towns and enjoy the local cuisine in Suzhou more conveniently."

In the Yangtze River Delta, one of China's most prosperous regions, many projects are under construction to boost regional integration.

Last year, three interprovincial railway projects in the delta began construction and more than 130 km of high-speed rail has been newly constructed, according to the Jiangsu Transport Bureau.

It said that five interprovincial expressways opened to traffic last year, while about 510 km of expressways finished construction and 12 new interprovincial bus lines were put into use.

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