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New bus route in Shanghai to be opened

LMS| Updated: July 3, 2023

Transport authorities in Shanghai are planning to open a new bus route that connects other parts of Minhang district to the Shanghai Hongqiao International Central Business District (CBD).

Dubbed the westward extension of bus route No 71, the new route will span 9.6 kilometers and have 10 stops, and is part of Minhang district's three-year action plan to optimize its bus network. The new route is currently being tested.


A schematic diagram for the westward extension route of Bus No 71. [Photo/WeChat account: julihuacao]

This bus route, which starts from Huqingping Road and ends at Shenkun Road, will pass by landmarks like the Hongqiao transportation hub, the Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center, and the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), and strengthen the connectivity between the Hongqiao CBD and other central districts in Shanghai.

By optimizing this bus route, the overall quality of public transportation within the core area of the Hongqiao International CBD will be improved, thus ensuring convenience for visitors of the upcoming China International Import Expo in November.

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