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Shanghai Hongqiao International Central Business District's Institutional Responsibilities

LMS| Updated: July 28, 2023

In 2009, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government made a major strategic decision to develop the Hongqiao Central Business District or CBD based on the overall situation there and with a long-term perspective in mind.

On July 17 that year, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee [2009] document No 436 clearly established the Shanghai Hongqiao CBD management committee and on Jan 6 in 2010, Shanghai Municipal People's Government Decree No 25 clarified that the management committee of the Hongqiao CBD was an agency operating under the auspices of the municipal government. At the same time, the Shanghai Hongqiao Business District Management Measures were issued, which clarified the regional scope, functional positioning, planning and industrial development of the Hongqiao CBD.               

The major institutional responsibilities are as follows:              

(a) Comprehensive traffic organization and management: to organize and coordinate the convergence, distribution, conversion, coordination and implementation of all means of transportation in the Hongqiao CBD; to implement comprehensive traffic emergency protection; to ensure the function of the hub and its safe operations.               

(b) Regional planning and development coordination: to participate in the preparation and improvement of the Hongqiao business district and business expansion area planning; to manage approvals with the planning department regarding relevant planning; to organize and coordinate with relevant management departments, in order to implement regional development planning issued by the district government.               

(c) Regional development organization: to guide relevant agency units to implement regional land development and construction in accordance with planning; to guide relevant district governments to promote the development of modern service industries in the region in accordance with planning.               

(d) Local management guidance: to coordinate relevant district governments and administrative units to perform their administrative duties by formulating administrative policies and measures; to inspect and supervise the implementation of the work of district governments and administrative units.           

(e) Completion of other tasks assigned by the Shanghai Municipal Government.                

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