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Construction starts on headquarters project in South Hongqiao

Updated: October 8, 2023


A rendering of a headquarters in the Qianwan area of the Shanghai Hongqiao International CBD. [Photo/Website: guojihongqiao]

Construction on a significant headquarters project in the Qianwan area of Shanghai's Hongqiao International Central Business District has started on Oct 7.

With an expected completion date of February 2027, the project is set to focus on industries such as digital economy, low-carbon environmental protection, and life and health.

With a total construction area of about 230,000 square meters, the project comprises six research and development (R&D) buildings and one dormitory building above ground, with an additional three floors below ground.

The project aims to establish a comprehensive R&D headquarters park. It utilizes various green and energy-saving new technologies to create a new benchmark in low-carbon and environmentally-friendly construction.

"South Hongqiao will take this project as an opportunity to aggregate high-quality resources, promote industrial upgrading, enhance the value of the region, and create a foundation for the future development of the Hongqiao International CBD," said Zhang Xiong, deputy director of the South Hongqiao Management Committee Office.

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