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Hongqiao trade center to debut over 100 products at 6th CIIE

LMS| Updated: November 2, 2023

The Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trade Center, which serves as the main driver of the spillover effect of the China International Import Expo (CIIE), is set to showcase a wide range of new products from exhibitors this year.

Visitors at the Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trade Center will be greeted with an impressive display of products that are making their market debuts.


Inside the Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trade Center, customers will have the opportunity to see curated displays of the debuting products from the 6th CIIE. [Photo/Website:]

Over the past week, the center has unveiled more than a hundred products that will be making their debuts, including outdoor products from French outdoor brand Marie Claire, fruit juices from Serbia's Volim, a new tea series from Britain's Ahmad Tea, and dairy products from New Zealand's Maui.

One special highlight of this year's expo will be the newly established motorcycle world exhibition area at the Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trade Center. Some of the exciting new products, such as Honda motorcycles, have already arrived at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) in Shanghai.

The Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trade Center is a year-round platform that provides a comprehensive range of services, including bonded product exhibitions, commodity trading, logistics warehousing, and customs clearance services. Compared to other popular shopping districts, the Hongqiao trade center attracts a high percentage of repeat shoppers who come specifically to purchase goods related to the expo.

The world's first import-themed national exposition, the CIIE has showcased over 2,000 representative debuts of new products, technologies, and services over the past five years. It has become a significant platform for China to foster a new development pattern, create a high-level platform for opening up to the world, and a globally shared international public asset.

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