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New commercial block opens in Hongqiao Intl CBD

LMS| Updated: November 13, 2023

Longhu Paradise Walk had in July launched an extensive renewal plan which will see it transform itself into a vibrant and dynamic landmark in West Hongqiao.

On Nov 12, the newly remodeled outdoor themed block, "Walk in," was unveiled to the public.


The newly upgraded "Walk in" block in West Hongqiao's Paradise Walk. [Photo/Website:]

The upgraded "Walk in" block offers a wider range of culinary offerings that now include Korean cuisine, Teochew dishes, seafood. Additionally, trendy food brands have been introduced to meet the diverse preferences of the audience.

"Walk in" is not just about food - it also features a wide array of commercial thematic activities and creates a 24-hour leisure and living area for different groups of people such as business customers, sophisticated white-collar workers, youth, and local residents.

In addition to the outdoor themed block, the newly unveiled CIIE Good Life Base, located in the sky corridor of Hongqiao Paradise Walk, is aimed at enhancing the experience of visitors. This dynamic space offers various services such as visits and exchanges, conference activities, community sharing, circle activities, and shared study rooms.

Recently, the base hosted a smile-themed exhibition featuring several themed photo scenes that attracted numerous young visitors.


A beautiful night view of the "Walk in" block in West Hongqiao. [Photo/Website:]

Furthermore, Hongqiao's Paradise Walk plans to construct a sunken plaza on the north side to cater to the diverse nightlife demands of the Hongqiao area.

Hongqiao's Paradise Walk will be looking to create more innovative commercial spaces and offer a more diverse range of brand offerings to contribute to the city's development in the future.

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