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Xinhong 10km running event held in Minhang

LMS| Updated: November 14, 2023

The Xinhong 10km running event kicked off in Xinhong subdistrict, Minhang district on Nov 12.

This annual event, which was organized on the first weekend following the conclusion of the China International Import Expo (CIIE), supports the national "fitness for all" initiative and is aligned with Shanghai's goal of becoming a globally recognized sports city.

The running event, organized by Xinhong subdistrict, has been significantly enhanced compared to its first edition in 2022. With improved planning, enhanced facilities, and increased social engagement, it aims to establish itself as a popular event, appealing to a wider audience, particularly the young.

The race route winded through scenic areas near the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), allowing participants to appreciate the beauty of Xinhong.

To ensure a smooth event, designated security checkpoints, bag storage facilities, and a post-race supply area were established. Three supply points along the route provided participants with beverages, food, and other essential supplies.

Eight official pacemakers provided support and motivation to the runners throughout the event. Professional rehabilitation and stretching services were also available at the finish line to aid post-race recovery.

In addition to the race, the event also featured a cultural carnival that showcased the district's youthful vigor and created a joyful atmosphere for the participants.

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The 10km running event initiated by Xinhong subdistrict kicks off in East China's Shanghai on Nov 12. [Photo/WeChat account: zhumengxh]

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