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New e-sports center to open in Shanghai in 2025

LMS| Updated: November 20, 2023

The Shanghai International NCC & E-sports Center was officially unveiled at the 4th Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Expo.

The center is expected to be completed and open to the public by the end of 2025.

Shanghai's first white paper on the e-sports industry was also released during the expo. The white paper proposes the implementation of the "1+2+3" strategy that would aid the development of the e-sports industry and turn the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region into a world-class e-sports hub.

Representing an investment of more than 7 billion yuan ($974.65 million), the center will leverage the e-sports industry to establish professional e-sports stadiums, extreme sports facilities, shopping malls, five-star hotels, and more. A new landmark related to e-sports intellectual property (IP) will also be created in the Hongqiao Qianwan Area.

Super Gen Group, the main investor of the new e-sports center, will contribute to the improvement of the Qianwan area in terms of quality and safety, and is aiming to build the world's first complete e-sports and new cultural and creative industry ecosystem.

"We hope to make the Shanghai International NCC & E-sports Center a masterpiece by leveraging industrial leadership, collaboration, and empowerment, and turn Hongqiao Qianwan Area into a fascinating city of the future that allows Shanghai to become a global e-sports capital," said Dong Shengyan, general manager of the Industry Division of Super Gen.


A rendering of the Shanghai International NCC & E-sports Center in Hongqiao, East China's Shanghai. [Photo/WeChat account: minhangnews]

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