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Armenia showcases high-quality products at Hongqiao Pinhui

LMS| Updated: November 22, 2023

The 2023 Armenia Promotion Conference & First Armenia Brand Award Ceremony was held at the Hongqiao Pinhui in Shanghai on Nov 10. During the event, Armenia aimed to promote its specialty wines and other high-quality products to the Chinese market.

Armenia has seen remarkable growth in wine exports, reaching $74.9 million in the past five years. With its expertise in wine-making, Armenia sees China as a valuable consumer market and a key focus of its export strategy.

Participating in the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE), Armenia seized the opportunity to showcase its specialty wines and raise awareness about Armenian red wine among Chinese consumers.

At the conference, representatives from Armenia shared insights into the country's tourism industry and highlighted products such as red wine, honey, herbal tea, and the renowned Tigran Tsar brand.

Twelve Armenian companies presented high-quality products, including brandy, honey, herbal tea, and exquisite local crafts, both online and onsite at the import expo. Online viewers got a chance to experience the unique charm of Armenia through captivating videos showcasing its scenic beauty, immersing themselves in the allure of this ancient country.

Looking ahead, Armenia plans to collaborate with Hongqiao Pinhui's livestream base to establish an online national pavilion for Silk Road e-commerce. This initiative will further expand Armenia's presence in the Chinese market, attracting partners and exploring new opportunities.

Hongqiao Pinhui has already gathered over 6,000 brands from more than 108 countries and regions around the world. Hongqiao Pinhui will continuously enrich the supply of Silk Road cloud products with the aim of building a digital channel that integrates online and physical platforms for Silk Road e-commerce.


The 2023 Armenia Promotion Conference & First Armenia Brand Award Ceremony is held at the Shanghai Hongqiao Pinhui on Nov 10. [Photo/WeChat account: HQ_365]

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