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Hongqiao Intl Central Legal-services District creates new landmark for national legal services

LMS| Updated: November 24, 2023

The construction of the Hongqiao International Central Legal-services District, a joint effort between the Shanghai Municipal Justice Bureau, Hongqiao International Central Business District Administration Committee, and Minhang District People's Government, was significantly accelerated this year.

Located in the core area of the Hongqiao International Central Business District, on the west side of the Hongqiao Transportation Hub, the Hongqiao International Central Legal-services District is set to become a prominent local landmark. The district's focal point is the legal mansion, a nine-story office building spanning approximately 17,000 square meters.

As one of the nine functional platforms within the Hongqiao International CBD, the Hongqiao International Central Legal-services District is vital in nurturing the growth of the business district through legal services.

To support the district's progress, the Hongqiao International CBD Administration Committee and Minhang District People's Government offer subsidies to legal service institutions setting up operations in the legal services zone, utilizing special funds.

On June 28 this year, 10 legal service and general legal service projects signed contracts and established themselves in the Hongqiao International Central Legal-services District's Legal Mansion. At present, there are 58 legal service and general legal service institutions located within the district.

"It is anticipated that by 2025, the number of legal and general legal service institutions will reach 150, laying the foundation for an extensively developed and distinctive Shanghai legal service new landmark," said Wang Wei, deputy director of the Minhang District Justice Bureau in Shanghai.

Hongqiao International Central Legal-services District aims to foster a highly-professional legal service ecosystem, offering robust support to enterprises and industries within the Hongqiao International CBD. Moreover, it contributes to Yangtze River Delta regional integration and the national strategy of Hongqiao International Open Hub.


The Hongqiao International Central Legal-services District. [Photo/WeChat account: HQfawuqu]

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