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Buy Quickly unveils BQX multi-dimensional exploration space

LMS| Updated: November 27, 2023

Buy Quickly Group, a prominent enterprise in the Shanghai Linkong Economic Park, has unveiled its latest innovation, the BQX multi-dimensional exploration space, at its headquarters.

This digital retail comprehensive operation service provider is expanding its online service capabilities and exploring the integration of online and offline services.

The BQX space, located at the outdoor plaza of the Buy Quickly Group headquarters, was constructed using natural wood. Its interior walls and floors were also created using environmentally friendly materials. The space, which took 12 days to build, can be disassembled, moved, recycled and reused.

The BQX space recently hosted its first AIGC creative image exhibition which showcased the fusion of AI technology and fashion elements.

In addition to exhibitions, the BQX space can also host live streaming and retail scenarios. Its brand live streaming rooms offer customers a complete view of live streaming scenes that enhance the digital shopping experience.

"As a company located in the Shanghai Linkong Economic Park, where Fortune Global 500 companies and high-level headquarters enterprises converge, we aim to promote green consumption concepts and develop integrated new consumer scenarios for white-collar workers in our park," said Li Yi, head of Public Relations at Buy Quickly Group.


The BQX space is located on the outdoor plaza of the Buy Quickly Group headquarters. [Photo/WeChat account: shchangning]

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