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1st Changning sports festival opens

LMS| Updated: December 5, 2023

The First Changning Sports Festival officially kicked off at the Hongqiao Sports Park on Dec 3.

This year's festival brings together multiple sporting events, making it the largest and most influential fitness and sports event in Changning district.

The festival will showcase a variety of mass sports events across all 10 streets of the district.

Some events will be held at the newly opened underground facility of Hongqiao Sports Park, which spans almost 40,000 square meters and features state-of-the-art sports facilities including swimming pools, basketball courts, badminton courts, squash courts, fencing halls, and skateboarding parks.

In conjunction with the Changning Sports Festival, the Changning District Key Industry Talent Sports Season is also being held. This event features seven popular sports events, including basketball, badminton, kendo, squash, frisbee golf, esports, and football.

Additionally, the sports festival will serve as a platform for promoting fitness and wellness. Various promotional activities will be conducted in collaboration with 30 sports venues, and free sports and fitness services will be offered to 50,000 residents at designated locations during the festival. The opening hours of community public sports facilities will also be extended, providing residents with ample opportunities to participate in the fitness activities.

Chen Ying, deputy head of Changning district, said that the events are aimed at strengthening the cohesion and vitality of regional industrial party-building alliances, promoting enterprise development and fostering a sense of unity.


The First Changning Sports Festival kicks off at the Hongqiao Sports Park on Dec 3. [Photo/Website:]

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