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Leading pharma company establishes intl innovation center in South Hongqiao

LMS| Updated: December 6, 2023

Minhang district and CSPC held a signing ceremony for the building of the CSPC International Innovation Center on Dec 5.

The two parties will build the center, which will aid the development of the biopharmaceutical innovation base in the Hongqiao International Central Business District.

The CSPC International Innovation Center will support the development strategy of CSPC, gather and integrate pharmaceutical innovation resources, and become a new landmark in the Shanghai biopharmaceutical industry.

Established in 1997, CSPC is an international enterprise with 28,000 employees.

CSPC specializes in oncology, neurology, cardiovascular, immune and respiratory, metabolism, and anti-infection.

Presently, CSPC has over 130 ongoing innovative drug projects. Over the next five years, more than 40 innovative drugs from CSPC are expected to be approved.

Minhang district is one of the five important areas in the "1+5+X" industrial layout of Shanghai's biopharmaceutical industry. It is actively leveraging its advantages in location, industry, technological innovation, and talent to promote the development of the biopharmaceutical industry and become an important growth pole in the development of Shanghai's biopharmaceutical industry.

As of July 2023, Minhang district had more than 600 biopharmaceutical companies, including four listed companies and 186 high-tech enterprises. The industry's revenue scale currently exceeds 50 billion yuan ($6.98 billion), and the concentration of quality enterprises in the genetic field is among the highest in China.


The signing ceremony of the CSPC International Innovation Center is held on Dec 5. [Photo/WeChat account: minhangnews]

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