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Revitalizing Yuandang Lake: Harmonious blend of nature and culture

LMS| Updated: December 11, 2023

The Yuandang Lake ecological restoration and functional enhancement project has reached a significant milestone with the completion of phase three.

The project, a collaborative effort between the Qingpu and Wujiang districts, aims to restore and enhance the ecological and cultural value of Yuandang Lake, a key transboundary lake in the Yangtze River Delta demonstration area.

Phase three of the project was focused on the remaining 3.1-kilometer shoreline of the 23-km-long ecological shoreline around Yuandang Lake.

This phase includes the construction and modification of 9.3 km of protective embankments, 4-km of roads, nine bridges, two sluices, five lakeside stations, and 231,800 square meters of landscape greening. Additionally, 268,500 sq m of aquatic habitat were restored.

Utilizing the existing vegetation, site texture, and cultural elements, phase three of the project leveraged the distinctive landscapes of the Shanghai Grand View Garden to create an ecological and cultural fusion.

The project revived the stories of the "Twelve Beauties" from the Dream of the Red Chamber, and creating 12 scenic spots along the lake that have a classical garden design. This cultural corridor of Jiangnan water towns enriches Qingpu's Jiangnan cultural system and transforms Yuandang Lake into a "Picturesque Jiangnan Bay."

Ecologically, phase three addressed various ecological problems using sustainable methods. It balanced forests, wetlands, and lakes and reinforced the stability of the ecosystem.

The project introduced a variety of ornamental plants and added 17 new tree species, 57 shrubs, 63 ground covers, and 13 aquatic plants. Additionally, the conversion of hard embankments into ecological embankments created valuable wetland habitats that have enriched the biodiversity and enhanced water purification.


A panoramic view of the picturesque Yuandang Lake. [Photo/WeChat account: iloveqingpu]

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